Care Package




Due to self-isolation and the need to wash hands more often than normal, I’ve put together a simple care package you can order for yourself or a loved one. Our soap is moisturising but if you’re also using hand sanitiser or liquid soap, these can dry your skin. Using the hand salve over night will really nourish them.

The care package consists of two soaps and a fragranced hand salve. I will generally use the soaps we have most of but if you have a preference, let me know in the comments at checkout. If you have a preference for a particular fragranced hand salve, or would like the fragrance-free version, just let me know.


A few reviews:

“Lovely & interesting unique soaps, sent 2 to friends as little presents to cheer them up in Corona Virus lockdown. Am sending 2 more as little presents to family this month. You can’t have too much soap with corona-virus and they are so unique and small enough to pop into a birthday card. So glad I heard about it on BBC Radio 4 Farming today. A real tonic in these gloomy times. My friends loved them! Anyone that loves soaps will love these, a little treat for us and so useful too.” JM WARD

“I bought the hand salve for my young grandson whose knuckles had become raw with all the recent extra handwashing and use of hand gel. After a few days of using the salve, they had almost healed. Lovely stuff, thank you.” S HOWE

“Thank you, Maria! I loved the soap survival kit – the soap and salve are an absolute balm in these days of multiple handwashes per day.” LOUISE

“Fabulous products and Fantastic Customer Service. After placing my order I realised I had missed an item off so dropped them an email. Despite being in the middle of lambing I got a prompt response. A lovely package of various products arrived soon after. I shall be ordering again and recommending them to friends and family.” HANNAH

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