Castle Blue Tweed


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In 2016 we experimented by cross breeding some of our rare breed Castlemilk Moorit ewes with a Bluefaced Leicester tup. The cross proved very good with bigger lambs and excellent fleece and we have continued with this cross and have called these sheep Castle Blue. We have Castle Blue knitting wool but as one of the reasons the Castlemilk breed was developed was to make tweed for the Castlemilk Estate workers clothing, we decided to have some tweed made. The blend of Castlemilk and Leicester is lovey; incredibly soft in texture and a beautiful biscuity colour.

The wool was spun in Huddersfield at World of Wool and woven by Sam Goates at Woven in the Bone on a Hattersley loom.

The tweed is 77cm wide and you can purchase it in increments of 1 metre.


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VAT no: 392 9305 70

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