Raw Fleece


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The majority of our fleeces go to the British Wool Board, whom by law we have to sell it to. However, rare breed sheep have a special dispensation and its possible to sell small amounts of other sheep fleeces too. These unwashed fleeces are great for hand spinning and other crafts such as felting. We remove the as much of the vegetable matter as we can such as bracken and brambles but sell it unwashed as many people spin unwashed or like to wash the fleece themselves. We have many breeds available, all with different qualities but we always pick the best fleeces at shearing time to sell raw.

All of the Herdwick we sell is from James Rebanks Racy Ghyll flock.




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Weight 5 kg

Castlemilk Moorit, Blue Faced Leicester, Teeswater, Gotland, Gotland x BFL, Cheviot, Cheviot x BFL, Hebridean, Castle Blue, Boreray, Black BFL, Suffolk, Jacob, Herdwick


Full Fleece, 100g