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Kytel is a Cumbrian word for work jacket. Our loose-fitting ktyel is made from our own fawn coloured Castle Blue tweed or James Rebanks’ tweed made from his flock of Herdwick sheep from his Racy Ghyll farm. The fit allows really free moment of your arms and is so comfortable to wear. The jacket feels light but is really cosy. The style suits all body types. The jacket is short, again to allow really free movement of the hips and legs and the sleeves are also quite short so they don’t need to be constantly pushed up while working in the jacket. For the XL size, we made the sleeves slightly longer for taller women.

The jackets are made in the UK in small batches so we only hold a maximum of one of each size in stock. This means it could take up to two weeks for your jacket to arrive once ordered.

The wool is washed and spun in Huddersfield. The tweed is made at Woven in the Bone in Scotland, and the jackets are made by Fabrika in London. The buttons are made from cow horn and are handmade by a local Cumbrian craftsperson, Peter Hodgson.

Made from 100% wool, lined with 100% cotton and the buttons being horn means the jackets are completely compostable!

All the jackets made in Racy Ghyll tweed, with a profit share for the farmer James Rebanks, so he is given a fair price for his wool.

Castleblue tweed is a blend of our rare breed Castlemilk Moorits, Bluefaced Leicesters and crossbred Castleblue sheep. The tweed is really soft!


X-Xtra Small – ladies uk approx. 6

Xtra Small – ladies uk approx. 8

Small – ladies uk approx. 10 – 12

Medium – ladies uk approx. 14

Large – ladies uk approx. 16 – 18

Xtra Large – ladies uk 20 (and slightly longer in the arms for taller women)

  • These jackets are roomy so don’t think you need to buy a size up to be on the safe side!


£395.00 (incl. VAT)

VAT no: 392 9305 70

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Castleblue, Racy Ghyll Basket Weave, Racy Ghyll Plain Grey, Racy Ghyll Herringbone


X-Xtra small (size 6), Xtra small (8), Small (10-12), Medium (14), Large (16-18), X-Large (20)