The Rebanks Shepherd’s Bag



The *Rebanks Shepherd’s Bag.

Our friend James Rebanks farms in the North of Cumbria as well as writes bestselling books. The Rebanks tweed is made from his Herdwick and Swaledale wool spun together. A small portion is dyed a dark red (the colour used by farmers on the backs of Herwicks in the show ring) and hand woven by Sam Goates from Woven in the Bone.

These are beautiful, practical bags, inspired by the traditional shepherd’s bag, and this contemporary version is designed for comfort, practicality and simple elegance. The smart but understated design works equally well as an everyday bag or for smart occasions. The bags are sewn locally by the excellent seamstress, Sally Cowell. They are lightweight but extremely sturdy and the flat, wide strap is very comfortable to wear across the body, leaving both hands free. There are no buckles, zips or tassels to distract from the simplicity of the design; there is just a small pocket inside for your keys, phone or other small items.

These are Forever Bags. We wanted to make a simple, tote-like bag that unlike most flimsy cotton totes and ‘bags for life’, is actually is a bag that you love and look after.

The tweed will go into production in July and I expect the bags to be ready by September. Pre-order yours now as these are a limited edition.

Outer dimensions of the bags are 40 x 40cm and the strap is approx. 107cm long.

*The tweed in the images is a trail Woven in the Bone did with the Rebanks spun yarn. The finished tweed will run with a red pattern.